We provide services for the performance of anticorrosion protection for road and rail means of transport as well as other items of production installations.

The offer of the division includes:

  • application of rubber and ebonite coatings;
  • manufacturing of plastic equipment and installations;
  • painting coatings;
  • laminate liners,
  • ceramic linings.

Rubber and ebonite coatings are made based on the technology and the implemented pilot line as part of the completed project entitled: “Development work on the protection of tankers interiors against aggressive media – prototype pilot line” – Agreement No. PO IR.01.01.01-00-0474 /15, concluded with the National Center for Research and Development in Warsaw – more information in the tab: Projects

Rubber and ebonite coatings:

We apply anticorrosion coatings on;

  • pipelines and industrial equipment,
  • road and rail means of transport;
  • tanks, reactors, etc.
  • other devices according to individual arrangements

We apply rubber coating on the equipment made of carbon, austenitic steel as well as aluminum.

We are authorized by TDT to repair, modernize and manufacture cisterns.

Equipment and installations made of plastic:

We manufacture from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, PVDF and other thermoplastics:

  • technological installations
  • ventilation systems
  • chemical equipment;
  • pickling baths.

We are authorized by UDT to manufacture, modernize and repair pressure vessels and industrial pipelines.

Painting coatings:

We apply anticorrosion protection of structures and equipment with paint sets selected according to the working conditions and corrosive environment.

Ceramic liners:

We offer:

  • ceramic linings of equipment and structures;
  • tray protection
  • regeneration of concrete surfaces.

Rubber lined tank container
intermediate Bulk Container
Jonite tanks
Anticorrosion protected perforated buffer
Fuel tank painted inside and outside
Storage tank outside and inside corrosion protected
Painted and rubber lined inside elbows of pipe line
Storage tank outside and inside corrosion protected
Storage tank outside and inside corrosion protected
Buffer tanks
Absorption column
Digestive vat
Cable reel