Our new products include innovative, design and durability-optimised, large machines and equipment for the next generation pulp and paper industry – filters, centrifuges, separators, dewatering press shredders, etc..

These devices are manufactured on the basis of our latest experience and technological investments, using the results of previous independent R&D and their implementation, as well as through close, partnership with design and construction offices of leading companies in the supply of machinery and equipment for this industry.

The use of new manufacturing technologies, the implementation of own patents for production processes, as well as the use of special materials including high-durable two-phase steels and next-generation alloys, allowed to create structures with much greater durability and functionality.

The functional features of the machines and equipment produced are:

– a wide range of their applications in pulp and pulp preparation processes as well as chemical and water recovery processes

– increased efficiency and energy efficiency of the equipment compared to previous solutions,

– increased mechanical strength and rigidity of the structure, which allowed to increase the dimensions of the manufactured equipment,

– increased durability of the equipment especially with regard to fatigue strength as well as corrosion resistance.

The increased life cycle of our products and their reliability in addition to strictly functional features also has a beneficial effect on the environment, which is extremely important nowadays.