Social responsibility policy is part of quality, environmental and health and safety policies.

This policy covers not only the market relationship between METALKO and the customer, supplier, environment, but also the ethical principles of the business.

The Chairman of the Board/Director of METALKO Sp. z o.o. is responsible for compliance with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

The principles of corporate social responsibility have been presented to respect METALKO employees.. At the same time, management staff were required to properly supervise and take action in the event of non-compliance.

The rules have been developed for:

– customers,

– suppliers,

– competition,

– METALKO staff,

– the environment in which METALKO operates, taking into account air, water, earth, natural resources, flora, fauna, people and their interdependencies,

– protection of data provided by customers, suppliers and metalko internal information.

The principles of corporate social responsibility include human rights, labour law, intellectual property of customers, suppliers and METALKO.