We specialize in the manufacturing and renovation of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, column scrubbers, reactors, mixers, filters, conveyors, feeders and many other welded structures from materials such as carbon, boiler, acid resistant steel, duplex, sanicro, nickel alloys (inconel), hastelloy and titanium.

To ensure the required quality of our products, we use the Integrated Quality Management System EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

We have TÜV, UDT, TDT and ASME certifications in the design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of pressure vessels and pipelines

We also have ASME, National Board Certificate and License for the manufacturing of pressure vessels for the People’s Republic of China.

In Metalko, there is also a quality control laboratory approved by UDT, which performs non-destructive and destructive testing. Welders employed in the plant have qualifications corresponding to EN 287-1 and PN-EN ISO 9606-2.

Manufactured by us equipment are known all over the world, export amounts almost 95% of our production. Products with our logo can be found, among others, in EU countries, Norway, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Australia and many others.

We own CNC machines, including:

  • laser and plasma cutouts
  • large boring bar and lathe
  • gate drill

Furthermore, we have conventional machine tools, including milling machines, hydraulic and edge presses, rollers, guillotine shears, band saws, bending machines, front lathes, beveller.

In production, we use semi-automatic machines and welding machines, including orbital welding.

Absorber ŘěŮ×Ř
Tube-shell heat exchanger
Titanium tower
Helicoidally screw of conveyor
2 halves of disc filter vat
Centre shaft with sectors assembled
Stainless steel tank
Perforated bottom of heat exchanger made of titanium
Lime mud cassette filter
Half of vat for disc filter view
PDW-pressure filter
Heat exchanger
Stainless steel pressure tank
Half of vat for disc filter view
Screw conveyor
Stainless steel chimny